Voice Writers

New legislation signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom allows the Court Reporters Board (Board) of California to license voice writers to work as certified court reporters. The passage of A.B. 156 now allows the Board to accept license applications from voice writers. The legislation would repeal a previous law that banned the Board from issuing certificates to voice writers. The hope is the new legislation will help alleviate pressure on courts struggling to find certified court reporters, as demand continues to outgrow supply.

Until a new form is available, voice writing candidates may use the existing First Time Application for examination as a Certified Shorthand Reporter. Upon completion of the application, applicants must note voice writing as their qualifying method of reporting. An applicant qualifies using the existing pathways, with the substitution of the NVRA certification for the NCRA certification.

Applications postmarked by October 3 will be eligible to take the next skills portion of the license exam in November. Candidates become eligible for the two written portions of the exam upon approval of the application. Please note there are three testing cycles per year, and candidates may take the written portion one time per test cycle.

The application can be found on the Board’s website at: https://www.courtreportersboard.ca.gov/applicants/examapp.pdf.

Additional information about A.B. 156 can be found here.