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California Statutes

California Code of Civil Procedures (C.C.P. Section)
Part 2
Of Civil Actions

Title 1.

Of the Form of Civil Actions


Title 2
Of The Time of Commencing Civil Actions
Chapter 1.
The Time of Commencing Actions in General
Chapter 2.
The Time of Commencing Actions for the Recovery of Real Property

Title 14.

Of Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 5.
Notices, and Filing and Service of Papers
Part 3.
Of Special Proceedings of a Civil Nature

Title 10.

Unclaimed Property

Part 4.
Miscellaneous Provisions

Title 3.

Of The Production Of Evidence

Chapter 2.
Means of Production
Chapter 3.
Manner of Production
Article 1..
Mode of Taking the Testimony of Witnesses
Article 2.

Title 4.

Civil Discovery Act



Title 5.

Of The Rights and Duties of Witnesses



Title 6.

Of Evidence in Particular Cases, and Miscellaneous and General Provisions

Chapter 3.
Administration of Oaths and Affirmations
Government Code
Chapter 3.
Notaries Public
Labor Code Section
Part 4
Compensation Hearings
Chapter 6.
Evidence Code Section
Chapter 2.
Secondary Evidence of Writings
Article 2.
Official Writings and Recorded Writings
Article 3.
Photographic Copies and Printed Representations of Writings
Article 4.
Production of Business Records
Business and Professions Code
Chapter 20.
Professional Photocopiers