California Statutes

California Code of Civil Procedures (C.C.P. Section)

Chapter Title Section
Part 2 Of Civil Actions
Title 1. Of the Form of Civial Actions 307-309
Title 2 Of the Time of Commencing Civil Actions
Chapter 1. The Time of Commencing Actions in General 312-313
Chapter 2. The Time of Commencing Actions for the Recovery of Real Property 315-330
Title 14 Of Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 5. Notices, and Filing and Service of papers 1010-1020
Part 3 Of Special Proceedings of a Civil Nature
Title 10 Unclaimed Property
Part 4 Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 2. Means of Production 1985-1997
Chapter 3. Manner of Production
Article 1. Mode of Taking the Testimony of Witnesses 2002-2005
Article 2. Affidavits 2009-2015.6
Title 4. Civil Discovery Act 2016-2036
Title 5. Of the Rights and Duties of Witnesses 2064-2065
Title 6. Of Evidence in Particular Cases, and Miscellaneous and General Provisions
Chapter 3. Administration of Oaths and Affirmations 2093-2094
Government Code
Chapter 3. Notaries Public 8200-8230
Labor Code Section
Part 4 Compensation Hearings
Chapter 6. Hearings 5700-5710
Evidence Code Section
Chapter 2. Secondary Evidence of Writings
Article 2. Official Writings and Recorded Writings 1530-1553
Article 3. Photographic Copies and Printed Representations of Writings 1550-1553
Article 4. Production of Business Records 1560-1567
Business and Professions Code
Chapter 20. Professional Photocopiers 22450-22463