July 22, 2022

New Mandatory Registration Requirements for Firms Not Owned by Licensees of the Court Reporters Board

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements?

Starting July 1, 2022, all non-licensee-owned entities providing court reporting services in California must register with the Board and designate a California Licensed Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) to be their reporter-in-charge. All registered non-licensee-owned entities will be under the jurisdiction of the Board and on a list which will be made available on the Board’s website. In 2021, Senate Bill (SB) 241 was passed, implementing the new requirements.

What are the requirements for court reporting firms not owned by licensees to apply for initial registration?

  • An application form completed in its entirety.
  • A check for $500 made payable to the Board.

The applicant must designate a Board-certified reporter-in-charge who:

  • Is a full-time employee of the registered firm and a resident of California.
  • Holds a currently valid, unrestricted California license as a certified shorthand reporter.
  • Is not subject to a pending Board accusation or investigation at the time of the application.

How long does a registration last?

A registration is valid for one year and provides for the suspension and revocation of a registration by the Board under specified circumstances.

Do firms that are wholly owned by CSRs need to register?

No, the new requirements do not impact California court reporting firms that are wholly owned by CSRs. However, these firms may voluntarily register at no charge.

Can California licensed CSRs work for firms not wholly owned by licensees?

California licensed CSRs may only work for firms providing court reporting services that are wholly owned by California licensed CSRs or entities that are registered with the Board.

How are applications processed?

Applications are processed by date received and the Board’s website is updated on a continuous basis.

How can I access the list of registered firms?

The list is available on the Board’s homepage by either clicking on the blue License Search button or License Verification link under Quick Hits. To view the list, follow these steps:

  1. On the license search webpage, under the Boards and Bureaus dropdown box menu, select Court Reporters Board of California.
  2. Under License Type dropdown box menu, select Court Reporter Firm.
  3. Select the “SEARCH” button. The complete list will then be displayed.

To search for a specific firm, enter the firm name under Business Name prior to hitting the search “SEARCH” button.

Where can I find additional information?

Firm registration applications and additional information can be viewed on the Court Reporters Board’s Firm Registration page.