Welcome to Court Reporters Board of California

Vision Statements/Goals/Ongoing Issues

  • California court reporters will possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities enabling them to produce accurate and timely judicial records. They will protect the integrity of public records;
  • California court reporters will be competent in all areas of practice and will adhere to high standards of technical competency and professional conduct;
  • Candidates will have access to all necessary education and training material either through high quality schools or continuing education material; and
  • California court reporters will be respected by members of the Court and the public for their role as guardians of the record.
  • Consumer oriented, treating all persons who interact with the CRB as valued customers;
  • Accountable to its membership, the government and the general public;
  • Progressive, utilizing the most advanced means for providing services; and
  • Proactive, exercising leadership among consumer protection and professional practice groups.
  • Committed to the protection of civil rights and the judicial process;
  • Ethical, impartial, and objective; and
  • Professional in all aspects of their work.