Vision Statements/Goals/Ongoing Issues


The CRB will play a major role in ensuring that court reporters provide the highest quality professional services

  • California court reporters will possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities enabling them to produce accurate and timely judicial records. They will protect the integrity of public records;
  • California court reporters will be competent in all areas of practice and will adhere to high standards of technical competency and professional conduct;
  • Candidates will have access to all necessary education and training material either through high quality schools or continuing education material; and
  • California court reporters will be respected by members of the Court and the public for their role as guardians of the record


The CRB will strive for the highest possible quality throughout all of its programs, making it an effective and efficient court reporting regulatory agency.
To that end, the CRB will be:

  • Consumer oriented, treating all persons who interact with the CRB as valued customers;
  • Accountable to its membership, the government and the general public
  • Progressive, utilizing the most advanced means for providing services and
  • Proactive, exercising leadership among consumer protection and professional practice groups

California Court reporters will be:

  • Committed to the protection of civil rights and the judicial process
  • Ethical, impartial, and objective; and
  • Professional in all aspects of their work


The CRB has established five goals, which provide framework for the results it wants to achieve in furtherance of its mission

Professional Qualifications

Ensure the professional qualifications of those practicing court reporting by establishing examination standards and requirements for continuing competency/education.

Practice Standards

Establish regulatory standards of practice for California court reporters.


Protect consumers by preventing violations and effectively enforcing laws, codes, and standards when violations occur.


Increase public and professional awareness of the CRB's mission, activities, and services.


Enhance organizational effectiveness and improve the quality of customer service.