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Public Schools -- Recognized Reporter Training Schools

Argonaut Court Reporting Program
College of Marin/Indian Valley Campus
Cypress College Court Reporting
Downey Adult School/CRP
Taft College Court Reporting
Tri Community Adult Education
West Valley Community College

Per Business and Professions (B&P) Code 8027(d), full recognition may be granted by the board after the school has been in continuous operation for a period of no less than three consecutive years from the date provisional recognition was granted, during which period the school shall provide satisfactory evidence that at least one person has successfully completed the entire course of study established by the board and complied with the provisions of B&P 8020, and has been issued a certificate to practice shorthand reporting as defined in B&P 8016 and 8017. The board may, for good cause shown, extend the three-year provisional recognition period for not more than one year. Failure to meet the provisions and terms of this section shall require the board to deny recognition. Once granted, recognition may be withdrawn by the board for failure to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.